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If you’d prefer to market your web site link for SEO, make certain you’ve got chosen the highest social bookmarking sites list.” Social Bookmarking is that thanks to relating your web site or weblog to a special niche. it might be useful for obtaining backlinks with organic search traffic. Here we tend to at WPressBlog have listed some high social bookmarking sites for 2019. All the sites have a high Page Rank and Domain Authority. Hope, this weblog post would be greatly helpful for SEO or Digital Marketers.

Introduction to Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is one in all the foremost well-liked Off-page SEO ways. this is often the thanks to winning quality backlinks for gratis with an enormous targeted audience. you’ll be able to get not simply traffic however conjointly you’ll be able to promote your whole. thence Social Bookmarking is additionally the evidenced means for digital promoting or SEO. Social Bookmarking sites area unit the most effective platform for relevant searches. they need high PR because of Brobdingnagian traffic. once users seek, for one thing, these sites most likely return to the highest SERPs. So, users most likely hit on these sites to urge relevant details. And hence, very little traffic to your weblog post or web site.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites:

After doing On-Page improvement, you wish OFF page SEO. currently, the question arises, wherever to begin OFF page. the solution is, Social Bookmarking. If you’re new SEO, you need to acumen to index your web site or web log in search engines. Social bookmarking is the best technique for the index web site or web log in Google, Yahoo, Bing,…like huge search engines. this system would be extremely helpful for stigmatization, promotion, and an assortment of weblog posts or websites.

Here area unit some facts locution why social bookmarking is that the best?

  • If you’re bookmarking your weblog post or web site within the High PR social bookmarking sites, you may get quality links back to your web site.
  • You will get relevant traffic to infective agent your weblog post.
  • Due to Brobdingnagian traffic, you’ll be able to improve Page and Domain Authority of your web site or weblog.
  • A lot of are the interested audience on your web site, the lesser are the bounce rate.
  • You may share your weblog posts on uncountable social media sites. means that you get an entire platform to create a socially active profile.

How to start with social bookmarking?

If you’re a freshman in SEO, you need to acumen to marker your web site or web log in numerous social bookmarking sites. undergo all social bookmarking sites list for 2019 with High PR.
But first, you’ve got to respond to some rules and laws to marker your link on completely different social bookmarking sites. These rules might vary from one website to a different.
Some social bookmarking sites like, area unit terribly sticky in approval. they are doing not enable spamming. you wish to be a lot of social for these forms of sites. create a lovely profile by posting catchy weblog posts.
Your weblog post ought to have the correct info for the audience crowd. Comment, share upvote or like others’ posts to draw in traffic towards yours. produce the associate innovative title and artistic description for your weblog post. Add targeted keywords in tags or keyword field and select the class that’s the foremost applicable for your post link.

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List of Top Social Bookmarking Sites in 2019