A wrist watch is not only used to check the time. But nowadays, it becomes a fashion to wear a wrist watch. Like the women, men do not have many jewelry stuff to wear with a dress. So a watch would be the best option to show off your style and personality to the others. But usually, people use to wear the same watch on every occasion. Now, it’s time to realize the importance of this gadget to make your appearance more elegant.


If you wear a sports watch with a nice three-piece suit to attend any formal function or event. It does not make a good scene. If you are dressing up for any event like a wedding, casual party, formal dinner, Eid, engagement ceremony or formal meeting. The dress is not enough to impress the others. You should consider the unique watch to enhance your look.


For this makeyourlifestyles.com will guide every person. What to wear? When to select in watches? If you are going to attend a wedding ceremony or any official meeting and planned to wear a nice suit. Then must wear a sophisticated dress watch. That has leather belts with medium size dial along with the day or date option. So whenever, you make a pose and gesture. Then you will surely grab the attention of the others. You can easily give a gentleman look. Afterward, if you are traveling with your friends for a tour, then a sports or choro watch would be the best to wear with jeans and t-shirt. A watch not only gives worth to your personality but it also represents your status, wealth and sometimes shows your designation.


Makeyourlifestyles also guide what to wear with a traditional like shalwar kameez on an event like Eid. If you are inspired by any celebrity, we also get you know about the watch that he wears. We will also guide you that kind of watches you should have in your wardrobe collection. You can match the wrist watch color with your dress color, tie color, waist belt or shoe color for the perfect matching or contrast.