People find themselves in stress before the interview. They are very much worried about their first impression but it seems natural and normal. From a couple of days ago they start assuming about their appearance, body language, gestures, facial expression, attitude, and all other concerns. You are not an alone candidate for the same designation. So, what will make you prominent among all other competitors? For this, people nowadays spend a huge amount of money for the preparation of their interviews but they are not satisfied with the teaching of the institutes. Often people search for the professionals to get technical supports for the related field. Nowadays people are not satisfied from the same interview tips and techniques. They are in search of some new interview techniques from any online source or institute. It is always a difficult task for them to get the latest information about the job interview methods but it’s time for the applicants to feel relax. Makeyourlifestyles will asset you in the interview preparation. We will direct you how to prepare yourself for the interview day and how to execute all in a professional way. To overcome the fear of our users. We arrange valuable guidelines that are managed according to the various professional fields. You have to prepare and practice our questionnaires, techniques, and tips.

To prepare for job interview use following points.

Before the interview day when you get the interview call letter.You have to pay attention to the following points.

 Study the organization’s profile and history

Before you will start preparations for the interview you should have deep knowledge about the background and profile of a respective organization. For this, you can use the internet to get the information and reviews about the company from its official website. You can make a call to the office of the organization and get reviews from the market as well. After this candidate has deep knowledge about the requirements and nature of the work for which he has applied. To know about the Interviewer’s name and job position. You need to call the company to find out. You also can talk to the current employees to get information about the office environment and all other essential information. Figure out as much as you can about an organization from the people that are being worked there. Read as much you can from all available resources about the company and its history like from their annual reports, newspaper, and business articles to collect data.


 Review Basic Interview Questions and Prepare answers

For a successful interview prepare responses to expected interview questions. The basic question about candidate’s personal information, the last job he did, the nature of the last job, about the appointment and the company. For such type of questions, you have to compose detailed but short responses, line up specific examples and achievements. You can put your responses into a short story. So you can easily talk about during the interview. Applicant no need to memorize answers because he has to talk naturally. To respond quickly to the questions. On the other hand, if you do so, you will be stuck in the interview to recall the answers. Makeyourlifestyles has a number of basic questions with best sample answers to help you in interview preparation.


 revise basic knowledge about our profession

After the basic questions, the interrogator will ask some questions about your profession. These are based on the basic knowledge about the current development in your specific professional field. Like you will be hired for the web development job, you should have deep knowledge about the advanced tools and languages that are being used in the market to develop an application. Which technique is getting popular among the developers? How can you solve a particular task? For such type of questions, you have to take a deep review of your basic knowledge. For the current and newly introduced technologies, you have to explore internet newspaper, magazines, electronic media and all other available resources.


 Practice with friend

If anyone of your friend will appear with you in the same interview. So, you have to avail this opportunity and start practice with him. As we know that interviewer will verbally communicate with you and ask about yourself, your professional skills, about your last job and company. You can prepare all basic questions while practicing with your friend. It will also give a way to plan the preparation of the interview. But it will help the candidate get regular with respective answers, and have proper vocabulary to reply. Practice will develop a routine of short, brief, complete explanations and will help you how to maintain your eye contact with the interviewer. While preparing, you have to make sure that you are not speaking too slow or too fast but your answers reflect your confidence. The feedback of your friend is very importing about your preparation. Because your friend has been judging you.You have to consider the negative feedback and then try hard to overcome that problem. For this, a sensible and honest person must examine you. The main advantage of this, you can enhance your confidence level by rehearsal the basic questions answers.



<The Day of the Interview


 Plan clothes

At any workplace, your appeal is a symbol of your professionalism and other people assess your level of competence. Whenever your interviewer examines your appearance, they should instantly feel comfortable while talking with you. You should wear the dress for the interview as you would like for the job. For this, you should a formal dress rather than the business-casual clothes. Men and women both have to choose soft colors which will contribute a professional impact. Make sure that the color of your dress is not dull and free of wrinkles. Your dress is properly ironed. For men, formal dress pants and shirts would the perfect dress for the interview. In addition to this plain shirt with a tie would be the best combination. The male candidate’s beard is properly shaved and hairs are well combed. Avoid wearing any informal or casual dress. The first thing that will be judged by the interviewer is your physical appearance. If you are wearing a proper formal outfit that would help you to maintain your confidence level.

 Arrive on Time for the Interview

If you exactly know how to get there and where to park. You have to arrive 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

There is no excuse for arriving late for an interview. Strive to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete additional paperwork and allow yourself time to get settled. Arriving a bit early is also give a chance to observe the workplace.

 Show kindness during the interview

Afterward, you just need to show kindness during the interview. Which means, you should speak politely and in a soft tune. Your behavior must be friendly. As an interviewer, you should give the due reacts to the senior that will have to interview you. You also you to pretend a smiley face. Even they talk rudely with you.

 Be Focus

You should need to pay attention to your concerns. Not to the others. Many examiners do many unusual gestures or posters to confuse the candidate. So people normally made many mistakes because they get stuck in the trap. So in anyone know that he has a low confidence to break the trap than no need to give attention to the useless happenings during the interview. Just follow the interviewer’s words. You have to look at the fore head of the interrogators. To pretend that you have a strong eye-contact with him.

 Make notes.

From the first interview question. You have to make shorts of minute details. If you are asked any technical question then. This will help to find out the answer.

 Keep things simple and short

You have to sum up your answer in few lines. So the examiner proceeds to the next question. For this, you have to give simple but comprehensive answers. No need to tell the whole story. The answer to that question that you have actually asked.

 End positively

whatever, you have scored in the interview, bad or good. You should end positively by a hand shake and regards the interrogators with thanks giving or wishes.

The day before the interview, pick up extra copies of your resume or CV and reference list. If you have a portfolio or samples of your work, bring those along too. Finally, remember to pack several pens and a pad of paper to get notes. Finally, as you get to the office, shut off your cell phone. (And if you were chewing gum, get rid of it.) For additional tips and advice, read our article, 24-Hour Countdown to the Job Interview.