How to install windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (CD):

Following are the steps to install windows 7:

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. Insert CD/DVD to your CD/DVD Driver.
  3. Restart Your PC.
  4. Go to boot menu and select CD-ROM Drive as first boot device.
  5. After this restart your PC and press any key to start windows setup.
  6. Start Installing Windows 7 by clicking the next.
  7. Choose “Install Now” button.
  8. Check “I accept the license terms”.
  9. Select “Custom (Advanced)” option.
  10. Select your desired drive to install windows.
    1. Go to “Drive Option” to format or to create drive

Note: [Files will copy and expand to your computer]

  1. After completing installation write name, apply desired setting and enjoy it.