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People generally think that only crucial diseases can harm them and upset their daily routine. But with the passage of time, our body becomes dull due to many other reasons. We believe that our body is doing well if we visited the doctor for a long time. In our busy, we mostly neglect our physical conditions that play an important role to live well. For a healthy life, we have also to take care of our physique and mental state.


If anyone finds his body is physically and mentally fit, he/she will perform well. For a healthy body, everyone needs a relaxed or strong mind along with the healthy body to enjoy the life. We prefer to do a number of physical exercises but ignore our mind also needs some work out to do well. The exercises that would help to refresh our thoughts and relax our mind.


For this people also need to pay attention to their diet or eating habits. As the first initiative towards to healthy lifestyle, you should develop a routine to sleep well. For normal routine, we have to work during the day and have good sleep in the night. After a rough routine in the day when a person gets back to his home, a place that everyone likes to feel comfortable and relax. A comfortable environment will help to restore the energy.


Most of the people spend their leisure time doing useless activities. If you spend this time to do some exercise or in healthy activities like gardening, playing cricket, football and all kind of other useful things that would help you to keep fit. Probably since last few decades, we are too much far away from all such kind of beneficial activities because of the modernization of world and now cannot spare time for these activities. To some extent technology bound us, for example, a person has been doing a job from 9 am to 6 pm while sitting on a chair and after taking meal he does not walk or do some physical activity that would help him to digest his food. This routine is an alarming situation for him because this will probably increase his fat level which may cause problems like overweight, irregular growth of the body and cardiac issues.


The junk or instant food contain a lot of fats and many ingredients that will increase our body weight and disturb our immunity system. These are main causes of many diseases and overweight the body. Now, these symptoms are being prominent in young children in the early age. So parents should look after their children. They just need to make some essential precautions to prevent them from such problems and should keep a keen eye on their physique and fitness. They should teach them that how they will keep themselves healthy and appropriate. It’s the duty of every parent to set an effective routine and diet plans so the children will enjoy a healthy and balanced life. Parents should allow their children some time to go playgrounds or parks for some physical activities.


Exercise generally considered only for the sportsman but for normal masses, it also has many advantages to well-being like after a hard routine a simple walk will make the body more flexible, and keep the blood pressure normal. For a long and healthy life, we have to pay attention to fitness and set a routine to work out daily. Because it keeps our body in shape, keep us energetic, increases our stamina and also gives strength to our muscles. We should spend a few minutes outdoor in the sun, take fresh air and also try to involve our kids in some healthy activities like Fishing, bicycling, swimming and hiking.

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Gym Fitness Workout

Men dream to have strong body muscles and beautiful body shape. For this, they are always planning to work hard to achieve their goals. But when they individually start working on their plans. They cannot fulfill the requirements of the physical exercises. Within few days, they left their exercise routine. Most of the people have a membership of gym but they went once or twice a week. Because they become lazy due to their busy daily life routine.

Makeyourlifestyles motivate people to go the gym. Work out there and improve their physical fitness, body shape and strengthen their body muscles.

Following are the reasons why people prefer to go the gym

 Shape your body.

Masses desire that would have an eye-catching body. The body that will enhance their beauty and also gives strong impression upon others. A strong body also gives worth to the smartness of a person. For this, people usually emphasize on the strong biceps, triceps, wings, and shoulders. So whatever they are wearing, they want to look smart and gorgeous. A perfect body cannot easily maintain at the home. People should have to go to the gym and use machines to make an outstanding shape of the body.

 Variety of machines

The Gyms have a variety of exercise machines that people can use for different exercise. The trainers utilize many types of machines for different outcomes and the purposes. Some of these machines are too much expensive, ordinary people cannot afford the whole equipment of the gym. The beginners are usually unaware of the usage of particular machines. For this, they also need some instructions from professional trainers. The leading gyms also hired the professional physical instructors to direct people. How to use a machine? To shape the body more quickly.


 Leaving the distraction

At home, no one can easily spare a sufficient amount of the spare time for the exercise. Because they need to complete a number of domestic jobs. Many people leave the home for the job early in the morning and then come back their home late night. They usually have some spare time at the end of the week to take some exercise. They are not able to develop a daily routine to take exercise regularly. To solve this problem they just need to get the admission and have to settle a routine to do exercise daily. Early morning would be the best time for the busy people to go the gym and take exercise. You will find no one there at the gym to distract you. Everyone come there to take exercise. You will find yourself in a healthy competition, so you will try hard to perform well in the gym to complete the others so you can easily achieve your particular goals within short time period.

 Routine Fitness Checkups

You do exercise but you also need to know about yourself. How fit or unfit you are at the moment? If you are doing exercise without the pre-checking, probably you could harm your body. The physical instructors of the gym check regularly and also give recommendations and plan what to do next.


 Pre-planned exercises

Your trainer recommends you an exercise plan from your first day and also directs you how to achieve your goals. Exercise instructors give you the best and suitable routine according to your requirements. You can easily shape your body as you desire. That recommended exercise is safe for you. With the passage of the time, your personal trainer will assess. He will also tell you, how much you have achieved.

 Balanced Diet

The gym instructor also directs you about diet. How many calories your body needs for any particular exercise? If your workout is very hard, your body also needs more energy. At home, you cannot well balance your diet and can fulfill the requirements of the body. Maybe you will suffer from weakness or your body cannot be able to work hard. But the physical instructors will manage your diet regularly and also directs you that how much you have to eat. What would be the best for you to eat?

Most of the people use food supplements or some harmful medicines to shape their body instantly. But sometimes these are not suitable for all kind of people. Then people will suffer from severe problems. That medicines can also damage your vital organs.

 Fitness and relaxation

Many people have a very busy routine and they feel tired at the end of the day. Gradually they are losing their mental health and fitness. They cannot spare time to relax their mind and also take some exercise. For such kind of people, the gym would be the best place to keep your mind relax and they also can take some exercise. The healthy environment of the gym will help you to keep your mind relax and body strong. People can also visit the gym with their friends and can enjoy taking exercise.

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Daily Fitness Exercises

 Why do we need exercises?

People take proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals throughout the daily routine food. In fact, the human body needs all its essentials according to a daily routine. If we work hard, our body needs more healthy food to keep the body fit and re-energize the body. For this, many people eat more food. Many working people eat the instant and junk food because that food can be easily available and fulfill the appetite. But some people become the addict of such kind of food due to many reasons. They just start over eating. Especially our young generation loves to eat the fast food. So, now they are suffering from the many problems and diseases like the fact level of youngster grow into a dangerous level that will cause fatness and bones pain. It will affect the body fitness and strength then people will not be able to do our daily jobs.


 How can we overcome this problem?

Whenever human body takes more proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. We have to utilize this energy. Otherwise, this will cause serious problems. How can we maintain our body fitness?

The human body is just like a machine. It needs proper maintenance. For this people need to emphasize on the daily exercise. Through exercise, we can burn our body’s unnecessary fats. Makeyourlifestyles.com present the most effective daily routine exercises that will help the people to maintain their body fitness and keep the body in shape.

Following are some common exercises that would help the people to enjoy a healthy life.


Walking is the simplest and easiest exercise that anybody can do to keep himself healthy. It highly recommended by the doctors and physicians because it will lower the risk of many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases. It also trims the human body. While you are walking the blood circulates through out the whole body and enhance the blood circulation routine. It strengthens the whole body muscles and helps to keep them in shape. The fatty people should walk daily because they can easily burn their unnecessary fats and calories. The diabetes patients should walk twice a day to keep sugar level in control. You just need a tight fitting pair of shoes. The beginners should walk for 15-25 minutes and with the passage of time run faster and spend 45-60 minutes daily.


Like all other exercises, swimming also considers the most beneficial workout. It also called a perfect workout. In which a person has to use his all muscle strength to float over the water. Swimming helps to improve the lungs strength. It will release the joint pains so you can move your body joints more fluidly. Swimming improves your mental status and will refresh your mood. It will increase the muscle strength because you have worked hard to move through the water. It just likes that a person working out on the heavy exercise machines. So you no need to work out on expensive machines. It helps to maintain the weight and you can lose your weight by adopting swimming a routine exercise. Swimming also strengths the heart. A person should swim once a day. Through this exercise, you can maintain your physical fitness while enjoying in the water. You can improve the flexibility of your body.


The push-up is one of the simplest exercises that a person can perform at home and workplace easily without any tool or machine. People do this exercise to improve the upper body(chest, shoulders, and triceps) and abdominal muscles strong.

To do effective push-ups follow the following instructions

  1. You just need a plain space and few minutes.
  2. Beginners can do push-ups by spreading hands slightly more than the shoulders on the ground.
  3. Then bend your elbows until your chest touches the ground.
  4. Bend your toes and keep your back and legs in straight line.
  5. Then move up and down.

To get prominent outcomes of this exercise you have to do push-ups in the number of sets and each set has 10-15 push-ups then try to increase the number of push-ups with the passage of time. It will shape your muscles more quickly. This exercise requires few minutes of our busy day to make your body healthy and fit. Push-ups are the essential part of any exercise program. The athletes and body builder usually take this exercise to make their arms, chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles more strong.

 Bent-Knee Sit-up


Lay down on your back and bend your knees. Place your feet flat on the floor and heels at the comfortable distance (12-18″)


Then put your hand behind your head. Pull your shoulder together and elbows back without arching your low back. You should maintain this elbow throughout the exercise.

Step3 (Upward phase)

With the help of abdominal and core muscles slowly move your head and shoulders off the mat towards your legs. Keep your neck relaxed. Your feet and lower back remain in touch with the mat while you are pushing your shoulder upward. Keep pushing upward until your upper back raised off the mat surface.

Step4 (Downward state)

Smoothly inhale and start lower your upper body towards the mat slowly with control. Keep your feet and lower back in contact with the mat. Do this exercise in a proper manner to prevent your body from stress on the lower back part of your body.

People usually perform this upward movement too rapidly, it causes the increase the stress on the lower back of the body.


 Rope jumping

For the housewife and women that are very much worried about the increasing weight and always in search of physical exercise to lose their weight and keep their body in shape. Rope jumping would be the best exercise. Women can do this workout at home and no need to go outside to join any exercises program in the gym.

To do this fitness exercise you just need a good simple plastic rope. Before you start jumping, measure the rope to your height. Take rope slightly more than your height and then stand in the middle of the rope. Cut the rope and adjust as necessary.

Hold the rope edges with the hands around the hip height and slightly bends the elbows. You keep your upper arms near to your body. The chest should be out and shoulders back. Take small over the rope and then land on the balls of your feets. Then move the rope over your head from the back or front of your body.

This physical exercise should consist of three blocks (sets), rest for two minutes and move to the block or set.


The people that are always in search of something interesting and also want to maintain their physical fitness. For such kind of people, cycling is one of the best exercises. Cycling is challenging and a great workout for anyone and any age. Cycling helps to lose the weight and also burns a sufficient amount of body calories. It’s a great way to inhale fresh air and you can easily achieve your weight loss goals. Cycling is one of the cheapest fitness exercises. In a half hour cycling session, you can easily lose 75-670 calories. You do not need any kind of special training for this physical exercise. To maintain your fitness you just need a simple bicycle and couple of hour for pedaling.

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